•  ImageThe Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Santa Fe ISD students. Our mission is to unite the Santa Fe community support of quality public education. This mission is accomplished by raising funds that are separate from the school district and granted to SFISD for innovative educational projects and classroom supplies.


    Immediately following the tragedy at SFHS on May 18, 2018, the Foundation took on an additional role as steward of the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund for Victims. The National Compassion Fund was a partner for distribution. More can be learned by visiting the National Compassion Fund webpage.


    If you are an educator looking to apply for a Foundation grant, please visit www.sfisd.org/teachergrants. If you are interested in supporting the Foundation's efforts, please attend an event, adopt a teacher request, or make a donation. You can always contact Jodi Gidley at 409-925-9080 or jodi.gidley@sfisd.org for more information. 





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