• Useful Links


    Here are some of the websites used with our students to help them with academic skills. With math games we focus on number skills: counting, ordering and patterning. With literacy and language we focus on: letter identification, phonics, and site words.



    Images and clip art for use with student work.

    Interactive games that reinforce different reading and language arts skills for both Kindergarten and 1st grade.

    Interactive games for young children.
    Several phonics and word based games are on this website. Try Word Transformers and Sort It to hear and match the letters with their sounds.
    Animated books for reading practice.

    This website has numerous interactive websites to use with students and Starboards.

    Over 42,000 spelling words and customizable sentences

    This is a good young child's website with math and literacy based games.
    This is a game that will help students with keyboarding skills.