• 2023 Summer Learning Professional Development Opportunities

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    About Curriculum and Instruction

    In the Santa Fe Independent School District, the emphasis is on student achievement.  The administration and teachers continue the work of many years in refining curriculum in a district-wide cooperative group effort with special attention to English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies. District-created Instructional Focus Documents (IFDs) provide the relevant scope & sequence for classroom instruction.

    Through long-range efforts and goals, the SFISD has incorporated an educational approach to learning, which stresses a progressive mastery of skills through all grade levels and course contents.  Expectation levels are set high for achievement, while providing resources and a commitment to success for all students.

    The value of these efforts has demonstrated a continuing rise in local, state, and national scores.

    In meeting the curriculum needs of students, the SFISD provides a wide variety of programs at all ability levels.

    SECONDARY ELECTIVES allow students to pursue specialized interests in agriculture, music, art, theatre, technology, advanced science and math, journalism and vocational interests.

    EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES IN UIL AAAAA offer opportunities for secondary students in academic competition, band, choir, drill team, theatre, and atheltics including football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, powerlifting, soccer and track & field.

    ELEMENTARY PROGRAMS for students include weekly instruction in core subjects, fine arts, and physical education.

    PRE-KINDERGARTEN for four-year-old children is available to those who meet eligibility criteria.

    A DROPOUT RECOVERY PROGRAM is available for high school students that have difficulty learning in the traditional school setting.