National Police Week is recognized as May 13-17, 2019 and dedicated to honoring America's law enforcement community. National Police Week offers special recognition to law enforcement officers who serve and protect our community, district, and children daily. Take a moment to thank our very special SFISD police officers and security staff for their commitment to safety and security in our schools and district:

    SFISD Chief of Police – Walter Braun

    Assistant Chief of Police – Gary Forward Administrative

    Asst./Dispatcher- Jennifer Smith

    Sergeant – Ruben Espinoza

    SFHS – John Barnes, Paul Hensley, Eli Arredondo, Kevin Rogers, Victor Lopez

    SFJH – Crystal Teague, Johnny Banda, Bruce Whitten

    RJW- Elizabeth “Cibby” Moore Kubacak,

    DAEP- Jack Saylor

    District evening – Chris Doucette  

    Auxiliary officer support – Joseph Fife (Captain), Rodney Welsh (Sergeant), Kevin Bickerstaff, Jimmy Peek, Pam Ellis, Ric Ostermayer, Rick Kershaw, Justin Brouillard, Walter Bozeman

    Crossing Guards – Amy Davis, Tracie Breland Campus Security Assistants– Lupe Mendez, Deyna Retano Kimberly Rich, Gary Freeze, Carole Henretta, Mike Kelemen, Kay Moye, Fred Leob

    Thank you all for your service to our students and the district!!


    Police Officer Cibby at RJW     SFISD Police Officers Visit RJW


    SFISD Police Visit RJW