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    Above all else, the safety of our students and staff is Santa Fe ISD’S highest priority. The District is working with the Santa Fe Strong Safety and Security Committee and District stakeholders to develop meaningful and action-based recommendations to keep students and staff safe within our schools, district and the community.


    There is not one plan that fits all schools so this thirty-member committee comprised of SFISD Police Officers, Galveston County Officers, Department of Public Safety Officers, members from Gulf Coast Center and the Galveston County Emergency Management Office, a member of the Ministerial Alliance, District Administrators, District Counselor, two SFISD School Board Trustees, SFISD Staff Members, Community Members, and ten Parents representing elementary through high school, are charged with recommending improved safety measures that are best for our students, staff and the District.


    As best practices evolve over time, the Santa Fe Strong Safety & Security Committee shall remain in an advisory capacity as the safety and security of our students and staff continues to be our top priority!  And, all along the journey, we want you to continue to actively engage with Santa Fe ISD as valued partners to help us best serve each of our students. The District appreciates the continued efforts of this committee to support and work with us to protect our students and staff as we plan for the immediate school year and beyond.


    United together, we are Santa Fe Strong!