•  Shuman

    Dr. Jacqueline Shuman

    Alternative Learning Center and Community Engagement Administrator

    Phone:  409-925-9401



    Instructional Staff:

    Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP)

    • Debbi Gultz, Junior High DAEP (409-925-9445)
    • Grey Matejka, High School DAEP (409-925-9453)

    Indian Success Academy (ISA)

    • Wendy Falcon (409-925-9469)
    • Joanne Freeze (409-925-9410)
    • Kimberly McCollum (409-925-9382)

    ALC Instructional Support

    • Kendal McLaughlin

    Wellness Counselor:

    • Sandra Zeringue (on campus Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon)