• July 30, 2012




    • Monthly Reports
      • Bond Update
      • Quarterly Investment Report – 3rd Quarter
      • Policy DEA (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits Wage and Hour Laws – 1st Reading
      • Policy CW (LOCAL) New Facilities – 1st Reading
      • Policy DEC (LOCAL) Compensation Leave and Benefits – 1st Reading


    • Approval of Minutes
    • Approval of Accounts Payable
    • Approval of Budget Amendments
    • Approval of Student Athletic Insurance Renewal
    • Approval of PCAT Casualty Insurance Renewal
    • Approval of Pest Control Contract Renewal
    • Approval of Deductive Change Order for FBI Roofing Replacement - Century Roofing
    • Approval of Recycling of Technology Equipment
    • Approval of 2012-2013 MOUs for Coastal Alternative Program and Transforming Lives Cooperative Program
    • Approval of 2012-2013 JJAEP Memorandum of Understanding
    • Approval of 2012-2013 Dual Credit Partnership MOU with College of the Mainland
    • Approval of Collegiate High School MOU With College of the Mainland
    • Approval of the Student Handbook, Dress Code & Code of Conduct for 2012-2013


    • Approval of Donations
    • Approval of Interlocal Agreement for Workers' Compensation Insurance
    • Approval of Salary Schedules for 2012-2013 (2% Raise for ALL Job Families)
    • Approval of Police Canine Unit Agreement with Galveston ISD
    • Approval of Policy Update 94
    • Approval of Internship Agreement with UHCL
    • Approval of Amendment to Contract with ESI
    • Approval of Amendment to Statements of Requirements with BP
    • Approval of Sale of Property Held in Trust
    • Approval of Facility Use Agreement with Santa Fe Historical Foundation
    • Approval of Facility Use Agreement with the Santa Fe Alumni Association