• July 21, 2014






    The Board recognizes students and staff each month at the regularly scheduled board meeting.  The following were recognized at the July meeting. 


    Transportation: Employees were awarded top honors at the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) Summer Conference. 
    Terry Dickey received Shop Supervisor of the year.  Rhonda Vaughan and Ton Willoughby received first place in the Special Needs Team School Bus Road-eo and will advance onto the national competition in March 2015. Rhonda also received a scholarship from TAPT to obtain her official
    certification.  Rose Cox received first place as well in the Transit Style School Bus Road-eo and advanced to the national competition where she

    was ranked 8th out of 40 competitors.


    Energy for Schools Cash Incentive.  As a participant, SFISD was entitled to a one-time cash incentive.  Mr. Crockett Dubose, President of Energy for Schools, came to present a check for $15,451.00.  This incentive will further reduce SFISD’s cost for electricity thereby helping to increase our resources available for the classroom.



    • Monthly Reports
    • Quarterly Investment Report - 3rd Quarter
    • CNG Fuel Cost and Usage Report Update



    • Minutes for June 16th and June 25th approved.
    • Accounts payable of $559,545.19
    • Budget Amendment #11
    • EIE (LOCAL) Resolution
    • Renewal of Custodial Chemicals and Supplies
    • Renewal of Waste Service Contract
    • JJAEP MOU for 2014-2015
    • MOU for the Transforming Lives Cooperative Program for 2014-2015
    • Coastal Alternative Program (CAP) MOU 2014-2015
    • Collegiate High School MOU with College of the Mainland
    • AUP Revision Request
    • Security Camera Licensing



    • Approved Order for calling a General Election
    • Approved Resolution to enter into Joint Election with Galveston County.
    • Drew for Lots for Election.
    • Approved the Endorsement of Melba Anderson of TCISD to the TASB Board of Directors Region 4, Position B 
    • Approved Donations greater than $5,000.00.
    • Apprvoed Bid Proposal on Property in the amount of $5,600.00.
    • Board denied Bid Proposal on Property in the amount of $10,000.00. 
    • Approved the Bid Proposal on Property in the amount of $4,000.00
    • Approved the Contract with Lemons Auctioneers, LLC.
    • Approved the Contract with TASB to evaluate SFISD for Energy Savings Opportunity.
    • Approved the Contract with Entegral Solutions to evaluate SFISD for Energy Savings Opportunity.
    • Approved the Deductive Change Order with Walton Roofing by $20,680.00.
    • Approved the Purchase of the INET 7 to SmartStruxure Migration.
    • Approved the Purchase of the Lennox HVAC Equipment
    • Approved the Contract for Annual Pest Management Services with Bugabug Termite and Pest Control Services.
    • Approved the Contract for Annual Custodial Materials and Supplies.
    • Approved the Dahill Contract to Manage District Network Printers, Maintenance, Repairs and Toner.
    • Approved to Award Petroleum Traders as the Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Supplier.
    • Approved the School Health and Advisory Council (SHAC) Annual Report and Recommendations to Wellness Policy.