• June 20, 2016




    There were no recognitions.



    • No one addressed the Board regarding the budget or propsed tax rate.



    • Rusty Norman - President; Wayne Logan - Vice President, Sheryl Skufca - Secretary



    • Monthly Reports
    • Dr. Shuman, Ms. Hanssard and Mrs. Townsend updated the Board on ideas and goals of the Long Range Planning Committee's they were leading.
    • Ms. Hanssard updated the Board on Staff Attendance for the 4th nine weeks.
    • Jodi Gidley, Director of the SFTXEF presented the Board with the annual report of the Foundation.  Mrs. Winwood, President of the Foundation expressed to the Board the continued goals of the foundation were to raise funds to support the schools and teachers.
    • Ms. Hanssard updated the Board on the Catastrophic Sick Leave Program.



    • Minutes for May 16, 2016 and June 6, 2016
    • Accounts Payable $866,071.07
    • Budget Amendment #9
    • Pest Control Services Contract Renewal
    • Contract with Balfour Yearbook
    • Methodist Trainer Contract
    • Coastal Alternative Program (CAP) MOU - 2016-2017
    • Student Code of Conduct 2016-2017



    • Approved the acceptance of all donations.
    • Approved to adopt the 2016-2017 General Fund, Debt Service, and Food Nutrition Service budgets by function as presented.
    • Approved the resolution to adopt the 2016 Tax Rate of $1.402319, which consist of a Maintenance and Operations rate of $1.04 and an Interest and Sinking Debt rate of $.362319 and that the property tax rate be increased by the adoption of a tax rate of 1.402319, which is effectively an 8.54 percent increase in the tax rate.
    • Approved the request to refund the overage on Parcel #P501223.
    • Approved the one year renewal of the RediMD Health Service for all district employees.
    • Approved the District copier contract with Marimon.
    • Approved the custodial supplies contract renewal with Kleen Supply Co., Hillard, Inc., and High Point Solutions.
    • Approved the renewal of student insurance coverage with The Brokerage Store.
    • Approved the contract with Accent Food Services, LLC.
    • Approved the contract with El Pibe and Southern Ice Cream as ice cream providers for the SFISD Food Purchasing Co-op.
    • Approved the contract with Borden's as the milk provider for the SFISD Food Purchasing Co-op.
    • Approved the contract with Brother's, Hardie's and Scarmardo as produce providers for the SFISD Food Purchasing Co-op.
    • Approved the contract with Portfolio Builders for the H.S. serving line and teacher workroom project.
    • Approved the purchase for replacement of existing wood walk boards with aluminum walk boards at the Jr. High football field bleachers by Sturdi Steel.
    • Approved the District and Campus & Student Engagement Ratings as submitted by DEIC.
    • Approved the purchase of 290, TI-84 EZ SPOT Graphing Calculators for the H.S. and Jr. High.
    • Approved the purchase of laptop carts for campuses.