• August 22, 2022




    The District proclaimed September as Attendance Awareness month in Santa Fe ISD. The theme this year is Stay Connected, Keep Learning!



    Monthly Reports

    Mrs. Ross presented the annual Accountability Report for 2022.

    Coach Ryder updated the Board on all sports.

    Mr. Atkins updated the Board on the progress on the football field and track, chillers at the High School and portables at Jr. High.

    Mr. Sanchez presented the 4th Quarter Investment Report.


    CONSENT AGENDA (Approved)

    Minutes of July 25, 2022

    Accounts Payable $743,010.26

    Budget Amendment #2

    Student Transfers

    Attendance Awareness Month Proclamation

    Innovative Course for Elective Credit




    Approved the submission of 2022 Appraisal Roll, TAC Certification of 2022 Anticipated Collection Rate, and 2022 Value Certification Letter.

    Adopted the 2022 Tax Rate.

    Approved Rozell Therapy Services Contract Agreement. 

    Approved Contractor Agreement with Specialized Instructional Support Services.

    Approved purchase of two new roof top HVAC Units for Kubacak Elementary.

    Approved Hunton Services Annual Service Agreement for Chiller Maintenance and Repair

    Approved installation of Footers for the new Avadeck Canopy at Kubacak Elementary.