• Website Advertising

    The Santa Fe ISD Website is accessed by over 5,000 users including parents and members of the community on a weekly basis.  The website is used daily to get the latest announcements, access district information, view student's grades and messages, obtain teachers and staff contact information and other important community resources and events.  Your website advertisement will be hyperlinked directly to your business' webpage.  This is a perfect way to promote the growth of your business during the school year and support our children’s education at the same time.

    If you are ready to advertise with SFISD, please click HERE to download a form to complete and email the form, along with your advertising graphic, to gina.welsh@sfisd.org. If you have questions, please call Gina Welsh at 409-925-9080.

    The cost of Website Advertisements is $50 a month for the following district pages EXCEPT the Santa Fe ISD Home Page which is $100 a month.

    Please note:

    • Ads should not contain audio
    • Graphic advertisements will be positioned on the district webpage, as determined by page design and SFISD
    • Ads will be about 2 inches square or 400x400 pixels
    • The following phrase will appear under each ad: “Paid advertisement – SFISD does not endorse this product or service”
    • Ads are subject to approval by SFISD Administration. Only family-appropriate advertisements in accordance with SFISD Policy (GKB (Local)) are allowed.