• November 16, 2020





    The District recognized a group of individuals for their heroic actions with a medical emergency situation with a staff member at SFJH on Thursday, November 5, 2020. Students assisting were Stetson Moeller, Damon Cuello, Austin Williams, Bradley Neill, Riley Baldridge, Fransesco Pignataro, Ivy Childress and Arwynn Bailey. Staff members assisting were Brianna Keel, Natasha Wulf, Selena Briones, Johnny Banda, Monica McCollum, Rachael Schoen, Tara Lopez and Flo Adkins.

    Employees of the month for November: Gail Ballinger, Barnett; Marissa Hurry, Kubacak; Lindsey Garcia, RJW; James Tonnies, SFJH; Amber Noto, SFHS; Nathan Edman, Transportation; Bradley Baugh, M&O; Sheila Davila, Custodial; Maggie Panciera, Nutrition Services; Becky Wright, Admin.



    Mr. Atkins updated the Board on the H.S. renovations and additions and other projects in the District.

    Mrs. Ross gave an update on current COVID cases.  TEA has provisions for the 2020-2021 school year to bring back struggling and low performing virtual learners for face to face learning.

    Mrs. Davenport updated the Board on Staff Attendance for the 1st nine weeks.

    Mr. Sanchez presented the Quarterly Investment Report for the 1st Quarter.



    Minutes for October 14, 2020 and October 19, 2020 

    Accounts Payable $1,550,551.97 

    Budget Amendment #4

    Student Transfers

    General Merchandising Fast Food Bid Awards



    Approved the proposal by Kirst Komiski to provide construction documents for bids and specifications for the HS storm water inlet repairs.

    Approved the the proposal by Letsos Company to install a new tankless boiler at SFJH.

    Approved the purchase of partial FFE for the 2020 SFHS addtion.

    Approved the purchase of Palo Alto Firewall installation, Premium support for one-year, and Firewall subscription for Threat Prevention and URL filtering for one-year.

    Approved the resolution of the Board regarding Santa Fe ISD's receipt of the Office of the Governor Grant for Juvenile Justice and Truancy Prevention.