• October 28, 2019





    Barnett Elem. - 4th and 5th grade choir students performed “To Make You Proud”. 

    Barnett also recognized their Safety Patrol students.  These students work hard to help other students get in and out of cars and on and off the bus every morning and afternoon. These students show their leadership skills throughout the campus on a daily basis. Abigayle Tisdale, Briley Lufsey, Natalie Clark, Kinzley Gardner, Gavin Milton, Leaondra Juarez, Violet Barnett, Giaus Watson, Adrian Garcia, Adam Meadows, Macie Martin, Audrey Wagner, Kambry Healy, Trinity Bradley, Kiley Goldsby, Olivia Creech, Wyatt Palmer, Raeya Vaquera, Aanya Vyas, Gabriel Buse-Solis, Ethan Atwood, Allie Lowe, Lillyana Curtner, Sara Ayala, Travis Stark, Ayleigh Chapman and Peyton Montgomery

    H.S. recognized their Choir students advancing to pre-area competition:  Logan Morris, Hannah Tucker, Skyler Skillman and Cameron Redwine.  They are under the direction of Gunner Tietge.

    Employees of the Month for October are: Trey Loeb, RJW; Alma De La Mora, Kubacak; Laura Timmons, Barnett; Brandi Connell, Jr. High; Charles Layton, H.S.; Amanda Thumann, Transportation; Derek Stratford, Maintenance; Luz Castro, Custodial; Colleen Beetham, Child Nutrition; Angela Kennedy, Admin.; Guadalupe Mendez, Police Dept.



    Mr. Atkins stated that the roofing and parking lot projects were closed out.  He also updated the Board on projects ongoing throughout the Di 

    Mr. Sanchez presented the Board with the Quarterly Investment Report for the 1st quarter.

    Dr. Gordon presented the Board with a student attendance, overview and update for the 1st nine weeks.

    Minutes for September 23, 2019, October 1, 2019 and October 2, 2019

    Accounts Payable $1,146,900.00

    Budget Amendment #2

    Waiver Request for Modified Schedule/State Assessment Testing Days


    Approved the 2019 SFISD's Long Range Planning Committee's creation of the District's Vision, Mission and Goals.
    Approved the resolution regarding wage payments during the emergency school closing on September 18 and 19, 2019.
    Approved the resolution proclaiming November 20, 2019 as National Support Professionals Day in Santa Fe ISD.
    Approved the resolution proclaiming November 11-15, 2019 as National School Psychology Awareness week in Santa Fe ISD.

    Approved the resolution of the Board regarding the Santa Fe Coordinated Response Grant.

    Approved the revisions to the District Code of Conduct.

    Approved the 2019 Tax Roll and Recognize Compliance of the Texas Property Code.

    Approved donations.

    Approved SFHS Band trip to Orlando for the 2020 Orlando Heritage Festival with Lakeland Tours LLC.

    Approved the administrative adjudication procedures for Stop Arm violations.

    Approved the engagement letter with the law firm of Rogers, Morris and Grover for providing Hearing Examiners for appeals for the Stop Arm Enforcement Program.

    Approved the purchase of a (2) 2020 Ford Explorers for Transportation Department's White Fleet.

    Approved the general contract, Durotech, Inc., to perform the 2020 High School renovations and additions project.

    Approved the Dell/Microsoft purchase of laptops as part of the lease/purchase program.

    Approved Dell Corporation to replace the District's blade server equipment.