• May 20, 2019




    RJW Elementary recognized their students of the year: Audree Van Tilburg, Daisy Puebla, Nolan Gibbs, Cole Cowerd, J’Lynn Eldridge, Jayla Charles, J.T. Boley, Josiah Gilbert, Alenah Carroll, Braylin Wofford, Ellie Shuman, Phoebe Davis, Hollin Wagner, Kieran Bradley, Brynlee Olivares, Carsyn Connell, Maley Watson, Trinity Smith, Chloe Gonzales, Colbie Carson, Gracie Lane, Charlie Burch, Dominic Sanchez, Kyle Cruse, Caiden Trevino, Claire Tombrella, Charlize Martinez, Kynlee Adams, Corbin Ross, Adeline O’Day, Haley Sunday, Savannah Farrias, Peyton Hamblin, Cooper Woitena, Parker Richards, Madison Dupuis, Maci O’Brien, Dean Janice, Colton Pearson, Eliana Kamata, Matthew Romero, Aubrie Pfluger, Royce Thompson, Ezekial Zepeda, Abigail Patterson, Reese Welch, Chance Griffin, Lindsey Davidson, Jimena Martinez, Sydney Malfa, Jaycee Maples, Reese Mounts, Trace Stringer, Kayla Palacio, Janalys Brito, Aiden Hanssard, Hunter Burks, Mackenzie Creacy, Emma Biscamp, Jack Shelton, Clinton Kelm, Blakely Reilly and Rivers Feldpausch


    Kubacak Elementary recognized their 5th Grade Safety Patrol Leaders: Hayden Issertell, Lauren Stovich, Cody Clark, Justine Cunanan, Cheyenne Mascorro, Malia Vicknair, McKenna Corbett, Kynan Gaona, Darren Sharp, Gavin Gutierrez, Savannah White, Jaden De La Rosa, Rylan Kukuk, Matilyn Duhon, Melissa Morales, Abigail O’Brien, Mackensie Scales, Mateo Balle, Addison Wentzel, Stephanie Ventura, Zoe Cuevas, Miley Dillon, Samantha Hull Mariah Cummings, Gage Jenkins, Elijah Dennis, Haleigh Helgeson, Robbie Dellinger and Samantha Kinsey


    Jr. High recognized their Symphonic Band who performed at the UIL concert and sight-reading contest on Friday, April 26, 2019 and received a Sweepstakes rating. Present at the meeting were: Briana Edgley, Aralyn Covarrubias, Caitlyn Jimenez, Bailey Browning, Alexander Keller, Emily Miller, Alberto Rios, Andrew O’Day, Jamison Thornton-Wright, Mackenzie Schuck, Ryan Gardner, Regan Payne, Austin Greer, Elissa Willis, Patrick Hayes, Alfredo Rios, Grayson Martin, Caleb McCollum, Jude Symmank, Jonathan Wright, Briana Flores and Madison Pennington – They are under the direction of Daniel Pendergrass and Clayton Duncan .


    Santa Fe Indians Special Olympians competed in the Area Track and Field Games in Dickinson.  Three athletes brought back several gold medals.  Amadeus Ramirez, Daisy Gardea and Braylin Wofford.  Their coaches are Andi Causey and Gina Crank.


    H.S. Senior Amber Quinn was recognized on being the recipient of a 4 rating, which is the highest rating, at the State Visual Arts and Scholastic event in San Marcos.


    H.S. recognized their Girl’s and Boy’s Track Team.  Those present were Alexys Greenlaw, Madison Mann, Jay Mann, Clay Horn, Trent Clarke, Lanie Balden, Jami Hitchcock, Kara Hitchcock and Gage Slaughter. Coaches are Christina White, Phillip Miller, Jonathan Graschel, Jeffrey Sciba and Richard Davis..


    H.S. recognized the 2019 Varsity and JV Softball teams.  Varsity players present were Madyson Blake, Rylie Bouvier, Maggie Childs, Juliana Garcia, Ryleigh Mata, Ashley Nickerson, Reese Reyna, Ciara Trahan and Miranda Trigo. Varsity coaches are Beth Baros and Andi Causey.  JV players present were Kensley Clark, Chailyn Gillespie and Tapainga Moore.  Their Coach is Courtney Klingler


    SFISD recognized the H.S. Varsity Baseball team for becoming the Regional State Semi-Finalist for District 22-5A!  Players are: Albert Garza, Patrick Dunn, Bryce Montemayor, Ashton Lozano, Landon Thompson, Nicolas McDonald, Cameron Bennett, Bryton Sumbles, Justin Kirsch, Trenton Beazley, Gregory Adams, Paul Hopkins, Billy Parker, Brandon Vassallo, Kyle Fraser, Jeremy Sheppard, Timothy Hurd, Grant Pfaff, Thomas Godnich, Rome Shubert, and Dalton Stevens – Student Trainer, Keaton Plovanich.  Coaches are Ronnie Wulf, Taylor Wulf, Joey Cheatham, Andrew Whittington, Jonathan Burns and Coach Kyle Grassmuck


    H.S. recognized the Regional Powerlifting Team - Ashlyn Yovan, Keira Rodriguez, Marie LeCompte, Cameron Bloomfield, Haylee Wolfe, Gracie Cervantes, Jake Cavness, Chase Dudley and Gage Slaughter.  Their Coach is Chris Cavness


    H.S. Horticulture students were recognized for passing their nationally recognized certification exam.  Jared Brown, Trenton Eubanks, Claudia Jeansonne and Miranda Trigo


    SFISD recognized Amoco Credit Union as a local partner who “Stands Up For Texas Public Schools” Ms. Hanssard presented Michelle Walker, Olivia Andrade, Shawn Bailey and Ashley Carner with a certificate of appreciation from the District.SFISD recognized Amoco Credit Union as a local partner who “Stands Up For Texas Public Schools” Ms. Hanssard presented Michelle Walker, Olivia Andrade, Shawn Bailey and Ashley Carner with a certificate of appreciation from the District.


    SFISD recognized employee Donna Folse for being awarded the TASBO Officials Award of Merit for purchasing operations.  This was her second year to win this award.


    Employees of the Month for May: Lori Lamb, RJW; Angela Kennedy, Kubacak; Jane Anne Vanderhoef, Jr. High; Stephanie Means, H.S.; Wayne Netherland, Transportation Dept.; Gary Gray, Maintenance; Aleida Benavides, Custodial Dept.; Michelle Lambright, Nutrition Services; Becky Wright, Admin.; Police Dept.; Kim Rich



    Monthly Reports - Mr. Atkins updated the Board on the progress of Barnett Elementary and summer projects within the District.

    Mr. Robins presented the annual Technology Department Report with a short video.



    Minutes for April 15, 2019 and May 6, 2019

    Accounts Payable $2,129,242.06

    Budget Amendment #10

    Contract with Balfour for H.S. Yearbook

    Student Transfers



    Approved the compensation plan for 2019-2020 for all employees and the District Retention Plan.

    Approved the General Retail Merchandise, Fast Food Restaurants and Catering Services companies as approved vendors.

    Approved the Sports Medicine Services agreement with Houston Methodist St. Johns.

    Approved the services for the new parking lots at the Jr. High and Cowan Education Support Center with Millis Equipment, LLC.

    Approved the new playground structure for Kubacak Elementary.

    Approved AmeriWaste, Inc., to provide solid waste services for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Approved the quote for Instructure (Canvas).

    Approved the purchase from Perma-Bound Books for library books for William F. Barnett Elementary.

    Approved the submission to TEA of two Missed School Day Waivers May 10 due to inclement weather and May 17th for SFHS in observance of a Day of Remembrance and Resilience.