• Congratulations to the following students for competing in the Visual Arts and Scholastic Event (VASE) on Saturday, February 2nd. Each participant made it through to the first round of judging, and senior Amber Quinn advanced to the State competition in April. 


    Amber Quinn-12th Grade-State Qualifier

    Invisible Lines:

    Invisible Lines State Qualifier Art


    Rachel Bejarano-12th Grade

    Bohemian Beauty:

    Bohemian Beauty Art


    Emma Childress-12th Grade

    Inner Thought:

    Inner Thought 1 Art Inner Thought 2 Art


    Judy Creel-10th Grade


    Judy Creel


    Ivy Hernandez-12th Grade




    Daniella Saenz-12th Grade


    Ambiguity Art


    Kameryn Townsend-12th Grade

    Flytende Blomst:

    Flytende Blomst


    Sarah Zaro-12th Grade

    What is Next:

    What is Next art


    Amber Quinn-12th Grade

    In the Beginning

    In the Beginning-Art