Coins 4 Cancer Kids Campaigns in Santa Fe ISD in 2017-2018 raised the following amounts for Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston and Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin:


    RJW-$856.50-Sponsors, Kelly Grenier & Kassondra Shaver

    Kubacak-$1145.61-Sponsor, Angela Kennedy

    SFJH- $ 939.38-Sponsor, Jennifer Jones & Marlo Bear (District Coordinator)

    SFHS-$1394.11-Sponsor, Sandi Bicknell 

    Totals- $4335.60

    In the ENTIRE state of Texas, SFISD campus Top 10 rankings were as follows:


    High school-1st place

    Kubacak-2nd place 

    Junior High 3rd place



    Let’s help our campuses Coins 4 Cancer Kids Campaign exceed our 2017-2018 totals!