• Private Lesson Instructors


    Private lessons or supplemental music lessons are offered as enrichment to classroom instruction. To be considered as a recommended private lesson instructor for Santa Fe ISD students, applicants must obtain a Private Lesson Instructor application from the Human Resources Department HR/PR Support Specialist and complete a Criminal History Background/Fingerprinting Check.  Applicants must follow all instructions and return forms to the Program Director (i.e. Band, Choir, Theatre, etc). The Program Director will submit both forms to the HR/PR Support Specialist. Once an applicant has been approved for employment with the District, the HR/PR Support Specialist will notify the Program Director. Private lesson instructors will provide instruction before or after school unless prior approval is obtained by the campus supervisor or the District Fine Arts Coordinator. Final approval is obtained from the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. This approval will only be given in the event of extenuating circumstances. If a private lesson instructor is being paid by the district, then the application will be forwarded to the Business office for approval.



     Private Lesson Packet