• Traffic Information


      RJ Wollam Elementary



    Car Rider Morning Drop-off: You are welcome to drive your car through the car rider line and we will have a staff member ensure students make their way into the building safely.

    Walk-up Morning Drop-off: Please remember to park on the hardtop and follow the sidewalk to the back of the school by the gym. You must walk your child to the door and not just drop them off to walk on their own.

     The front parking spots are reserved for families who have a meeting at the school that morning or who need to visit the nurse or front office. Please do not plan to park in the front and walk you child to the door. The police officer on duty will ask you to get in the car rider line or drive around to the back to walk your child to the back door. Please note that a city ordinance does not allow left turns on Ave S during posted school zone times. School zone times are 7:30am-9:30am


     Please share the information with others who may drop your child off at school in the morning to ensure they are aware of the procedures as well.

     Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


    Please feel free to give us a call at 409-925-2770 if you have any questions.

    Michelle Pourchot

    R.J. Wollam Principal 


    Kubacak Elementary


    Dan J. Kubacak Elementary Parents:


    In an effort to reduce long lines, extended wait times, and facilitate a quicker drop off/ pick up process for car riders, we have made changes at Kubacak.

    Drivers will enter Kubacak from 6th street, and may drive in either the left or right lanes. Kubacak staff and/or police officers will be stationed at the painted crosswalks closest to the front doors of the school and gym entrance. This loading area can accommodate up to twelve vehicles (six in each lane). Students will unload from their parents’ cars from either side of the vehicle where they will find a yellow painted stripe, dubbed the “Yellow Brick Road”. This walkway extends from crosswalk to crosswalk. Students will walk the “Yellow Brick Road” to the nearest crosswalk, where they will be directed by a monitor to the building sidewalk.

     No vehicles will be allowed to move until all students have safely made it to the sidewalk. Once the “Loading Area” is clear, both lanes of traffic will be allowed to exit towards the Warpath exit where a Crossing guard  will assist getting them out to the street in an expeditious manner. Drivers in the left lane will be directed south towards HWY 6, and drivers in the right lane will be directed north towards 6th Street. As the loading area empties, another twelve vehicles will be directed to move forward and continue the process.

     Please have your student ready to unload before you approach the loading area.

      Please feel free to contact us at (409) 925-9600.

    Andrea Hull

    Kubacak Principal


      Barnett Elementary 

    map coming soon 




    Junior High and Warpath

    Please see the attached map of the drop off/pick up procedures.


    Key Points:

    • Please do not pull into the administrative parking lot across from the junior high.
    • You may pull onto either side of the road in designated areas (in front of the junior high or in front of the old FBI Gym) to wait for your student, but please do not U-Turn anywhere on Warpath Ave.
    • Please make sure that you utilize appropriate blinkers when pulling in or out to a parking space.
    • Please make sure that you pull your entire car off of the road to pick up your student. This will allow for traffic to continue to flow as you wait.


    Thank you for your understanding and assistance in ensuring our students and families safety.


    Feel free to contact us if you have questions:


    Ryan Kopp

    Santa Fe Junior High Principal 


    JH & Warpath Traffic Map



    Santa Fe  High School  

     map coming soon